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Fiter’s mission is to be the bridge between technology and financial institutions. We combine decades of experience in technology and finance. We understand the pains and constraints of big and small financial institutions.

Your bridge to fintech

Within Fiter’s team, we have created financial institutions and we have been helping them for more than a decade. We understand the business, and we understand the pains of the sector. Moreover, we care for the customers of the financial institutions. We are here to help and we are your partner for successful technological transformation.

Financial inclusion

At the core of our mission is the financial inclusion movement. We believe that the 2 billion unbanked is one of the biggest underserved markets on the planet and we are in the era when this problem will be solved.  We believe we can make a difference in the life of many people by leveraging technology in order to help more entrepreneurs, more families, and more women workers.

Achieve more with less

We thrive to help our customers to do much more with fewer resources. We help our customers to digitize their processes. We give our customers state of the art technologies, based on mobile and world-class open standard technologies, with fast delivery and automation.

  • Capture customers data on the field
  • Eliminate double input of data
  • Eliminate errors and multiple sources of data
  • Eliminate long delivery process
  • Fast go to market products

your needs, our delivery.

Software development

Backend, Frontend, Mobile, development. We have a team of talented software professionals ready to help you with your needs. Our approach based on our “affordable distributed project delivery” methodology, allows us to execute complex projects with great talent and low cost for our customers. At the heart of our delivery are agile methodologies, we deliver quick and ready to use features based on histories, Trello boards, Slack chats, Google Docs and more. We work collaboratively.


Our team has an array of multiple skills, knowledge, and experience.  Some of the technologies we work are Mifos X, Fineract 1.x, Fineract CN, Blockchain, jPos among others.

  • Javier Borkenztain
    Javier Borkenztain CEO

    Javier is a Fintech specialist, with almost a decade of experience working with technology on the financial industry in LATAM. He was the Founder and CEO of the first Latin American startup granted with a banking grade license from a Central Bank. Javier has been working with Mifos since 2014, taking various roles as a volunteer, Latin American Ambassador and Business Development Director, after Mifos, he was part of the founding employees of Kuelap. Javier leads the development of several projects in the Latin American and the Caribbean region.

    Javier holds a title of Industrial and Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay and an MBA from the IEEM, Universidad de Montevideo. He was PMP certified up to 2010 and is alumni from Singularity University.

  • Robert Jakech
    Robert Jakech CTO

    Robert has over 13 years of IT industry. 8 of those years have been on Mifos from Gen 1 Mifos to Current Mifos. Robert has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology with First Class Honours.

    Robert has worked across several industries including Microfinance Institution as IT support staff, Technical Analyst in a reputable bank in Australia replacing their legacy system, a range of Mifos implementation projects, Lead analyst in Mining Companies, online fast food companies among others.

    Robert’s expertise and skillset range from Development, Testing, Analysis, Iteration Management & Project Management using Agile Methodology.

  • Adonay Porras
    Adonay Porras Developer

    Adonay Porras is a Computing Engineer with more than 5 years working with Java. He is a proactive full stack developer and worked on projects that use the Spring framework. He is also a frontend developer using Angular and the last technologies. If you have a problem, he will figure out how to solve it.

    Adonay has worked as a freelancer in IT projects over 3 years now, helping teams and companies to create the most ambitious products in the market.

    He likes to go hiking and spent time with family and friends.

  • Frank Nkuyahaga
    Frank Nkuyahaga Lead developer

    Frank Nkuyahaga is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years experience in enterprise software development. He is also a very proficient full stack developer with specialist skills in both backend and frontend technologies.

    Over the years, he has worked proactively on various engineering teams, often as development team lead, to deliver mission-critical systems to clients in various industries ranging from financial to medical, humanitarian, business, education as well as government. He is passionate about automating processes and strives hard to deliver solutions to the highest expectations of the clients.

    Frank is also a lover of sports and adventure and loves to travel and meet new people.

  • Joseph Nakabaale
    Joseph Nakabaale

    Joseph is a seasoned software developer, working on a range of tech stacks. He has been developing Mifos Pentaho reports for over 8 years. He is also an experienced database administrator with massive experiences in MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.

    Joseph has overall, 9 years of IT experience.

  • Myrle Krantz
    Myrle Krantz VP Apache Fineract

    Myrle Krantz is vice president of Apache Fineract, an open source cloud-native platform for banking the unbanked. A software Architect with 20 years of experience developing APIs and scalable systems, Myrle has been exuberant about financial inclusion since she was introduced to microfinance by the Mifos Initiative.

  • Andrés Antoniuk
    Andrés Antoniuk Expert in jPos

    Andres Antoniuk is a versatile Engineer with hands-on experience in a variety of technologies and domains. From automotive to fintech and telecommunications. Also, been involved in high-level business and management roles.

    Andrés is Fiter’s reference on jPos and transactional payment technologies, and sometimes, anything else.

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